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Allah has given Shaytan the ability to flow in the body of man in a way which we do not nderstand. Allah’s Messenger said, “Shaytan flows through the sons of Adam like blood.” [Mishkaat al- Masaabih]
Shaytan may reach a man’s heart and mind, and whisper or tempt him to listen to or look
at haraam things or commit immoral actions. This is called waswaas. Shaytan, however, does not directly approach humans and ask them to abandon their religion. No sane person would willingly disobey Allah while choosing to follow Shaytan instead and share his dreadful fate! Shaytan has his own ways of distracting mankind from the religion of Allah and deceiving them into committing evil deeds.What follows is a brief look into the tricks and plots of



Wasil Amin said... April 6, 2015 at 11:26 AM

Jazakallah for the reminder

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