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• We believe that evil should not be attributed to Allah, due to His perfect
mercy and wisdom. The Prophet said: "And evil is not attributable to You" (Muslim). Thus Allah's decree by itself has no evil whatsoever, because it is coming from mercy and wisdom. Evil may, however, result from some of His decrees, because the Prophet said in the supplication for gunut which he taught to al-Hasan: "And protect us from the evil of what You decreed"(Tirmidhi and others). Here, the Prophet attributed evil to what He decreed. Despite this, evil in His decree is not pure evil. It is rather evil in one respect and good in another, or it is evil in one case and good in another. Thus corruption in the land resulting from drought, disease, poverty, and fear is evil, but it is good in another respect. Allah, the Exalted said: "Corruption has appeared on the land and sea for what men's hands have earned. Allah has ordained this for men, so that they may taste
some of what they have done, in order that they may turn back (from
evil)" (30:41). Cutting off the thief's hand or stoning the adulterer is an
evil thing for the thief and the adulterer, but it is good for them in one
respect, because it is a purification for them so that the punishment of this
life and the hereafter are not combined for them. These punishments are
good in another respect: their application protects property, honor, and



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