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Death is the first step into hereafter and the grave is the first of the hereafter’s domiciles, Hani Uthman Bin Affan`s [Allah’s bless on him] servant said that whenever uthman stood over a grave would cry until he soaked his bread . He was told you remember Jannah and the fire without weeping but you weep when you remember the grave! He repaid indeed I heard Allah`s messenger [pbuh]
The grave is the first of the hereafter`s domiciles if one passes through it safely what fallows will be easier and if one does not pass through it safely what follows will be more horrible.
And I heard Allah`s Messenger [pbuh] say:
I have never seen a dreadful view but the grave is even more dreadful.

Recorded by at-Tirmithi verified to be authentic by Albani . رحمه اللہ


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