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• We believe that the best among the Muslim Ummah are the Prophet's
Companions, then their followers, and then those who followed them.
• We also believe that a group of this Ummah will always remain
victorious on the right path, unharmed by those who let them down or
those who oppose them, until the Day of Judgment.
• We believe that the disputes that took place among the Prophet's
Companions were the result of sincere interpretations that they worked
hard to reach. Whoever was right among them will be rewarded twice, and whoever was wrong among them will be rewarded once and his mistake will be forgiven.
• It is our opinion that we should stop talking about their mistakes and
mention what they deserve of beautiful praise. We should purify our hearts from hatred and malice against any of them, because Allah said about them: "They are not equal: those among you who spent and who fought before the conquest of Makkah. Those are higher in rank than those who spent and fought afterwards. But to all Allah has promised a great reward" (57:10).

And Allah said about us: "And those who came after them say: 'Our Lord,forgive us and our brothers who preceded us in faith, and do not put in our hearts any malice against those who have believed. Our Lord, You are the most Kind, Most Merciful"' (59:10).


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