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Modern surgery is a highly sophisticated culmination of centuries of innovation by dedicated people bet on saving lived this life saving ethic was beating in the heart of Muslim southern Spain a thousand years ago where the Muslims performed three types of surgery VASCULAR GENERAL AND ORTHOPACDIC.
One of the most famous Muslim surgeons at this time lived in Cordoba at the height of Islamic civilization. Abul Qasim khalaf ibn Al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi was known in the west as Abulcasis. Westerners always changed names of our Scientists so that people remain ignorant about our invention that people think Muslim are back ward…….
He revolutionized surgery by introducing new procedures over two hundred surgical instrument and giving detailed account of the dental account of the full dental pharmaceutical and surgical disciplines of his times. His book at-tasrif,[التفسیر] also eastablish the rules of practical medicine by emphasizing encountered.
Aklthough Al- Zahrawi was the first to use catgut in surgery, to use catgut in surgery it was Al-Razi who was the first to use animal (sheep) gut for sutures.
He revolutionized medical procedures in many ways like using bone replacement for lost teeth: describing how to connect sound teeth to those that were loose by gold and silver wire introducing a surgical treatment for sagging breast; being first to use cotton to control bleeding….
He also detailed how to remove a urinary bladder stone after crushing it with a self designed instrument. He discussed simple surgery like nose polyp removal and complicated procdures like the removal of a dead baby using special forceps he vised himself…….
All muslims devoted their life to serve the people not for money or status but to please Allah and get reward but we must look at our selves what we are doing…….
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