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From `Abdullah ibnMas'ud" who said:"The Prophet !said to me: `Recite the Qur’aan upon me.' So I said:`(How can I) read the Qur’aan upon you, and (yet) upon you it wasrevealed?' He !said: `I like to hear it from others besides me.' So Irecited Surat An-Nisa(i.e. Surah no. 4) upon him until I reached thefollowing verse: “How (will it be) then, when We bring from eachnation a witness and We bring you (0h Muhammad !)as a witnessagainst these people?” So he !said: `That is enough for now.' So Iturned to him (only to see) his eyes flowing with tears.' (Reported by
Bukhari and Muslim) And...
From Anasibn Malik ", (who said) that the Messenger of Allah !said to UbayibnK'ab": "`Verily Allah has ordered me to read uponyou.'He (Ubay") said: `Has Allah named me for you?!'He !said: `Allah has named you for me.'He (Anas") said: so Ubay began to weep."

(Reported by Muslim)


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