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 From Ibn 'Abbas " who said:"WhileJibra'eel (Gibrael) " `May Peace be upon him' was sitting withthe Prophet !, he heard the opening of a gate above him. So he raisedhis head and said: `This is a gate from the shies that has openedtoday, which has never opened before this day.' So an angeldescended from it (the gate). So he Jibra'eel" said: "This is an angelthat has descended to the earth, which has never descended except
today. He gave Salam and said: 'Receive glad tidings [Oh Muhammad
! with two lights which have been given to you, that have never been
given to a Prophet before you: The Opening of the Book (i.e. Surat Al-
Fatihah) and the end of Surat Al-Baqarah. Never do you read a letter
from either of the two (Surahs) except that you are given it.3 (Reported
by Muslim)

3- Which means that you are given its reward (i.e. the reward of recitation)" Taken
fromMukhtasarSahih Muslim with Shaykh AI-Albani's editing, p.553, Hadith no.



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