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Seerah 4
His Grandfather ('Abdul Muttalib); Bahira, the Monk; Wars between Quraish, Banu Kinana, & Qais 'Ailan tribes; Hilf Al-Fudoul (Treaty);
Marriage to Khadijah (ra); Rebuilding of Ka'bah. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 2-9-02
Seerah 5

Intro to the Prophethood (Nabu'ah) of Muhammad (pbuh); Contemplation in the cave of Hira'; First Revelation from Allah;
Secret Phase of Islam (first 3 years); The first Muslims. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 2-16-02
Seerah 6

Public phase of Islam; Da'wah of Islam to Bani-Hashim (ref: Surah Shu'arah); Call from the Mount As-Safa; Polytheists' reaction;
Quraish's negotiation with Abu Talib. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 3-2-02
Seerah 7

Persecution of Muslims; Lessons from Surah Al-Ka'hf; First Migration to Abyssinia (Ethiopia); Harassment of the Prophet (pbuh);
Conversion of Hamzah bin 'Abdul Muttalib; Conversion of 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (ref: Surah Taha). Speaker: Dr. Jamil Akbik 3-16-02
Seerah 8

Quraish's negotiations with the Prophet (pbuh); Miracle of splitting of the Moon (ref: Surah Al-Qamar); Muslims' encounter with
An-Najashi in Ethiopia; General boycott of Bani-Hashim. Speaker: Dr. Jamil Akbik 3-23-02
Seerah 9

Story of 'Uqbah bin Abi-Mu'ait; Incident of prostration by Quraish after listening to Surah An-Najm; Repeal of Boycott treaty;
Final phase of diplomacy of negotiation; Year of Sorrow; Death of ABu Talib; Khadijah (ra) passes away;
Marriage to Sawdah (ra); Factors inspiring patience & perseverance. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 3-30-02

Seerah 10
Review of the Year of Sorrow (10th year of Prophethood); Trip to Tai'f; Isra & Mi'raj. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 4-7-02 

Seerah 11

Lessons from Isra & Mi'raj; 11th year of Prophethood. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 4-14-02Seerah 12
11-12th year of Prophethood;Bai'at-un-Nisa';Bai'at-ul-Aqaba;Beginning of Migration to Yathrib; Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 4-21-02Seerah 13
13th year of Prophethood;Hijra or Migration of RasulAllah to Yathrib; Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 4-28-02Seerah 14
Lessons learned from Hijra;Communities of Madinah. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 5-5-02Seerah 16
2nd year of Hijra; Change of Qibla. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 6-2-02Seerah 17
2nd year of Hijra; The Battle of Badr. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 6-9-02Seerah 18
The Battle of Badr (cont'd). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 6-16-02
Seerah 19
After Battle of Badr;Injunctions about prisoners and war booty (anfaal). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 6-23-02Seerah 20
End of 2nd year of Hijra; Beginning of 3rd year A.H.;Events prior to Battle of Uhad. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 6-23-02Seerah 21
3rd year of Hijra; Saree'ah of Zaid bin Harithah; Preparation for Uhad; Rebellion of Abdullah bin Ubai and his followers; The Defence Plan;
Preparation of the Makkan Army. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 7-7-02
Seerah 22

The Battle of Uhad; Battle plan; The Combat; Martydom of Hamzah bin 'Abdul Muttalib; Archer's contribution and mistake in the battle;
Critical hour in the life of RasulAllah; Mutilation of the Martyrs. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 7-14-02
Ghazwah Uhad (slides)
Seerah 23

Review of the Battle of Uhad; Ghazwah Hamra' Al-Asad; Lessons from Battle of Uhad. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 7-21-02Seerah 24
Fiqh lessons derived from Battle of Uhad; Period after Uhad & before Al-Ah'zab (years 3-4 A.H); Marriage to Zainab bint Khuzaimah (ra);
Saree'ah of Abu Salamah; Marriage to Umm Salamah (ra); Event of Ar Raji';Tragedy of Ma'una well; Battle of Bani An-Nadeer (ref: Surah Al-Hashr);
Battle of Najd (or Dhat Ar-Riqa'); Salat of Fear. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 7-28-02
Fourth Year (slides)
Seerah 25

Stories of some Sahaba; 2nd Battle of Badr; Battle of Doumat Al-Jandal (5 A.H.); The Battle of Al-Ahzab (Ghazwah Al-Khandaq,
ref: Surah Al-Ahzab); Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 8-4-02 Ghazwah Al-Khandaq (slides)
Seerah 26

The Battle of Al-Ahzab (Ghazwah Al-Khandaq, ref: Surah Al-Ahzab); Battle of Banu Quraiza (Zul-Qadah 5 A.H.).
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 8-11-02
Seerah 27

Social life of the Prophet (pbuh); Story of Zaid bin Haritha; Marriage to Zainab bint Jahsh (Ref: Surah Ahzab:36-38); Adoption vs Fostering;
Assassination of Salam bin Abi Al-Huqaiq (end of 5 A.H.); Story of Thumamah bin Uthal (6 A.H.); Gazwah Bani Lihyan;
Saree'ah of Zaid bin Haritha; Saree'ah Al-Khabt; Injunction of Hijab for women. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 8-18-02
Seerah 28

Battle of Bani Al-Mustaliq (Ghazwah Bani Mustaliq or Muraisi, 6 A.H.); Marriage of Juwairiyah to Prophet (pbuh); Treacherous role
of the Hypocrites before and during the Ghazwah; Vicious Lie or Slander against Hazrat 'Ayesha (ra) (The event of Al-Ifk).
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 8-25-02
Seerah 29

Analysis & Lessons from the event of Al-Ifk (ref: Surah An-Nur:11-12); Events following Ghazwah Al-Mustaliq; Sul'heh Hudaibiyah
(The Treaty of Hudaibiyah, ref: Surah Fat'ha). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 9-2-02
Seerah 30

Details of Sul'heh Hudaibiyah (Treaty of Hudaibiyah, ref: Surah Fat'ha); The significance and impact of the Treaty.
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 9-8-02 Treaty of Al-Hudaibiyah (slides)
Seerah 31

7th year A.H.; Deputation to Abyssinia (Ethiopia); Letter to Muqawqas (Egypt); Letter to Kisra (Emperor of Persia);
Envoy to Caesar (King of Rome). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 9-15-02 Post Hudaibiyah Phase (slides)
Seerah 32

Spreading the Message of Islam beyond Arabia; Letter to Mundhir bin Sawa (Bahrain); Letter to Haudha bin 'Ali (Yamama);
Letter to Jaifer & 'Abd Al-Jalandi (Oman); Ghazwah Dhu Qarad (7th A.H.); Ghazwah Khaibar (Intro). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 9-22-02
Seerah 33

Ghazwah Khaybar (The Conquest of Khaybar); Negotiations with Kinanah Ibn Abi Al-Huqaiq; Marriage of Safiyah (widow of Kinanah)
to Prophet (pbuh); Distribution of Spoils of war; Poisoned meat served to Prophet (pbuh); Return of the Prophet to Madinah.
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 10-20-02 Ghazwah Khaybar (slides)
Seerah 34

'Umrah al_Qada' (Compensatory 'Umrah); Marriage of Maimunah bint Al-Harith (ra) to Prophet (pbuh); Ghazwah Mu'tah (Intro).
Speaker: Dr. Jamil Akbik 10-27-02
Seerah 35

Crime of Sharhabeel Bin 'Amr Al-Ghassani (8th year A.H.); Saree'ah Mu'tah (a.k.a. Ghazwah Mu'tah). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 11-3-02Seerah 36
Saree'ah Dhat As-Salasil; The Conquest of Makkah (Fatah' Makkah, Ramadan 8 A.H.); Pre-Conquest Events; Preparation for the attack
on Makkah; (Incomplete recording). Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 11-9-02 Conquest of Makkah (slides)
Seerah 37

Events after Fatah' Makkah; Second Khutbah of Prophet (pbuh) at Makkah; Feelings of Ansar; Pledge of the people of Makkah;
Third or Last Stage of Seerah; Ghazwah Hunayn; Campaign of At-Ta'f (an extension of Ghazwah Hunayn); Distribution of Booty
at Al-Ji'ranah; Anger of Al-Ansar towards the Prophet (pbuh); Prophet's address to Al-Ansar; Bani Hawazin accept Islam.
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 11-16-02 Ghazwah Hunayn (slides)
Seerah 38

Ghazwah Tabuk (Rajab 9 A.H., ref: Surah Tauba); Background & Reasons; Preparations for the Battle; Army of Islam at Tabuk;
Prophet's khutbah at Tabuk; Plot to kill the Prophet on his way back to Madinah. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 11-23-02Ghazwah Tabuk (slides)
Seerah 39

Review of Ghazwah Tabuk; Three People who lagged behind (Ka'ab bin Malik, Murara bin Ar-Rabi', Hilal bin Omaiyah;ref: Surah 9:118);
Death of Najashi (Ethiopia); Death of Umm Kulthum (daughter of Prophet); Death of 'Abdullah bin Obaiy (head of hypocrites);
Abu Bakr leads Muslims to Hajj; Arrival of Delegations. Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 11-30-02
Seerah 40

Farewell Pilgrimage of Prophet (pbuh) (Hajjatul Wida', 10 A.H.); Prophet's Farewell Khutbah (sermon); Lessons learnt from the Hajj.
Speaker: Dr. Jamil Akbik 12-15-02
Seerah 41

Last stage of the life of Prophet (pbuh); Epedition of Osamah bin Zaid (Safar, 11 A.H.); Prophet's Journey to Allah (SWT);
Symptoms of Farewell; Start of the illness; The Last Week; Five days before death; Four days before death; The recommendations
of RasulAllah (pbuh); Abu Bakr asked to lead the prayer; The final days (10th, 11th, & 12th of Rabi' Awwal); The Prophet's last breath
(12th of Rabi' Awwal, 11 A.H.); The Companions' reaction; 'Umar's Attitude; Abu Bakr's Attitude.
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 12-22-02 The Last Chapter (slides)
Seerah 42

Lessons learnt from the life of RasulAllah (sallalahu alaihe wa sallam); The Characteristics of the Prophet (pbuh).
Speaker: Dr. Bashar Shala 12-29-02

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