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                                                       Your lawyer on your smartphone!
By Layan Damanhouri 
“Know your rights”

“My new employer asked for an approval from my guardian to work. What shall I do?” asks one woman on the app “Know your rights”.

The reply: “The company does not have the right to make such a request because the law does not require the guardian’s approval for working.”

This is one of over a hundred questions by Saudi women who face uncertain issues in their daily lives.

“Know your rights” is the first smartphone app dedicated to informing Saudi women of their rights in the Personal Status Court.

Created by the lawyer Nesreen Al-Eissa, the app covers a whole set of issues women might face including divorce, custody, financial rights. The app aims to raise awareness among women in knowing how to deal with legal and Shariah issues and how to independently file in court.

The app not only features information in text but also visual content such as video.

An animated video explains the steps to make a legal charge and sue in court using the ministry of interior’s official website.

A Q&A page shows frequently asked questions regarding dozens of issues related to inheritance, abuse, social security, and civil issues, among others. The questions also include social issues such as rights of traveling, work, patents, and marriage.

Users can also directly call a lawyer listed in the directory of the app from Jeddah, Madinah, Makkah, Riyadh, Dammam, or Khobar.

“Your Lawyer”

What used to be a hassle asking around for a lawyer or looking in the yellow pages, an app has made it easier for Saudi citizens to seek legal service or advice on one’s smartphone.

“Your Lawyer” features a directory of lawyers who are members of the Saudi Authority for Lawyers, allowing users to customize their search in the place, service, and gender of the lawyer. The options also include licensed or trainee lawyers.
By opening the app, users can also see profiles of individual lawyers and their expertise.

The services offer various legal issues including contract, commercial, insurance, and litigation.

Adding a lawyer is done electronically as well by following instructions given and submitting the law firm’s information.

The lawyer gains exposure but the app also gains financially in return. The terms and conditions require that a lawyer pay 5% of revenues from his or her service to the app.

source: http://saudigazette.com.sa/technology/your-lawyer-on-your-smartphone/


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