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MAKKAH — The Muslim World League (MWL), while stressing that the Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar are facing brutality and genocide, have also denounced the lack of active action by the international community and called on the world to act and bring the situation there under control.

In a statement issued by the MWL on crimes of the terrorist elements in Myanmar against the Muslim minority, it stressed that these crimes represent one of the worst terrorist images, confirming that the international silence gives strong pretexts for negative perceptions of what the international system must do in fighting terrorism and eradicating it in all its forms and manifestations.
The MWL called upon the international community to take a firm and effective decision to confront the terrorist massacres in Myanmar in the same manner as it does with its firm and effective stance against Daesh (so-called IS) and Al-Qaeda in order to give our world justice and peace.
According to information obtained by the MWL, since Aug. 25, the numbers highlight the outrageous situation faced by Rohingya Muslims: 6,334 victims; 8,349 injuries; 500 raped women; 103 burned villages; 23,250 burned houses; 335,000 persons without house, homeland and properties; 24,166 displaced families arrived in Bangladesh; 145,000 displaced people arrived in Bangladesh; 190,000 awaiting displaced people in the borders; 250 mosques were destroyed and 80 schools and institutes were destroyed.
The MWL added that all mosques, hospitals and institutes have been closed. The MWL, added that it appreciates Saudi Arabia's role towards the issue of Rohingyas at the international levels and the UN Human Rights Council where the Kingdom donated $50 million through health and educational rehabilitation programs.
Since 1948, the Kingdom has hosted about 300,000 in its territories. As a response to its calls, the United Nations condemned continuous violations against Rohingyas. — SPA


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